CNE Medical Staffing was founded in 2021 by a nursing couple who have worked tirelessly as agency nurses and concluded that there is a better route. In our years of travel, we have recognized that agency nurses form a critical part of our healthcare system, and improvement is imperative for continued success. With the pandemic and ever-changing world, staffing of our qualified nurses to take of patients should not be compromised. We are a true industry leader with clear-cut experiences in the medical staffing industry and are clear of our role in improving nurses’ and patients’ welfare.

Our Values

Passion, Respect, Trust, Customer Excellence, Diversity, Teamwork, and Accountability.


The mission of CNE medical staffing is to make healthcare providers readily available to deliver first-class care, help healthcare enterprises enhance their workforce, thus, improving the health of the community.


To be an excellent healthcare staffing enterprise, striving to improve standards of practice for better customer satisfaction.


CNE will explore all available avenues for growth, innovation, and healthcare challenges in the 21st century. Our organization will remain a family enterprise that treats each partner with respect, dignity, and mutual understanding.

Leadership Team


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